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Where are the basic features


Hi guys, new to atomic but not new to game making. I have used blender3d game engine and mostly it was only playing with the scripting and bullet physics then I realised blender wasn’t a proper engine and found atomic, lighter and faster than unity or unreal or torque3d for sure.

Its pretty awesome but as a starter I wanted to ask where are the features like lensflare, light halo, blob shadow, option to switch to directx11 from 9, how to apply other postprocessing effects or custom ones, what are the types of 3d constraints atomic has (documentation says it has four which can be used with int as type in syntax) and in the end where is the vehicle constraint?

Bullet physics does have wheel, suspension and other physics wrapped in one (maybe vehicle) contraint like implemented in blender3d and RAGE engine. Does atomic has it too?


I don’t think there is out the box light halo or blob shadow support, but you should be able to implement those fairly easy in your game’s code (or in the engine and PR it).

Postprocesses are supported, though not currently exposed to the editor. You can add them in code and should be able to implement custom ones. The currently available list of post-processes as far as I’m aware is: AutoExposure, Bloom, BloomHDR, Blur, ColorCorrection, FXAA2, FXAA3, GammaCorrection, GreyScale, Light2DBlur, Tonemap

You should be able to switch to DX11, but the build setup defaults to DX9 for Windows. I think @JoshEngebretson was actually talking about switching to DX11 by default.

I can’t comment on physics, we haven’t really used it for much.


Okay thanks all the wickets are out except the physics one.

Thanks again.


Could you tell how do I find out if AGE has vehicle wrapper like jme3 and panda3d or how do I add it myself like I don’t even know what are the types of constraints it has. I followed bullet sdk tutorial and learned that it is only simple raycast vehicle where chassis is one rigodbody while wheels cast 3d rays for suspension force and travel and have anisotropic friction, attached to the chassis with hinge type constraint. How do I implement it in atomic? With a module maybe?


There is a C# (and C++) vehicle example program you can look at. It’s in the first one called “Feature Examples” and when you run the example, its down near the bottom called “VehicleDemo”. The source is provided.


I guess you are referring to the 2d car example. . .I think there would be a difference in how 3d vehicles are setup but I’ll give it a shot.


Though there is a 2D example with a car, this is a 3D example.


Shit! I totally left it unseen. Thanks for the pointer.


While the vehicle example is fully functional and very useful, it uses bodies and shapes for the wheels:

That’s not ideal and definitely isn’t usable for production. Wheels in games are simulated generally using ray/volume casts, and that includes not only realistic dynamic and static friction model, but for vehicles you also need to emulate the effects of a stabilization bar and depending on the kind of game you’re making, you need much more detailed models taking into account stuff like friction difference when wheels are turned and when torque is being applied (because friction varies according to that too). I believe Bullet does provide a wheel functionality, but I don’t think that’s exposed in the scripting API so far. It shouldn’t be hard to reimplement that using raycasting though. Just a heads up.


As a tip - Urho3D has a pretty good set of examples - not sure if AGE has them all included?


Many have been brought over for C# and C++, I also wrote a sample browser which switches between examples on the fly, this helps catch memory and object leaks, and serves as an example of switching scenes (outside of using the Player subsystem). The examples also use the Atomic UI and are available in the examples repo, which is a submodule of the Atomic Engine: https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicExamples/tree/master/FeatureExamples

The C# feature examples are also available from the example browser on the editor’s welcome screen.


Sorry guys I had some other thing to do before resuming to AGE. I am still working on it and thanks for the links and suggestions. AGE definitely needs a complex vehicle editor or at least a wrapper. I am not making a game I am thinking of contributing with a good example.

Edit: I looked into the c# vehicle example in feature examples, it’s good start. I am not an expert so I am taking other game engine’s examples.


Reminds http://www.codercorner.com/blog/?p=1227 (teh comments)