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What may we do with our games (license)?


May we create proprietary games with Atomic Engine ? Is it the same as in case of Unity ?


The Atomic Game engine is MIT licensed, so you “own the source”. You are free to do anything you like with it (proprietary games - yes!) and will not have to pay any licensing or royalty fees.
With Unity, there are costs, you’d have to find out from them for what, and how much.


Yes, but the main advantage is that you don’t have to publish your changes under a similar license (so you can even port to consoles). GPL also allows you to sell a game without paying royalties, but it requires you to license your game under a compatible license what’s not the case for MIT. Basically you can modify Atomic for your specific purpose and keep it fully yours. You can maintain a branch with your features and rebase to keep it updated. Contributing back is cool though, but if that’s not an option you can always proudly display a splash or donate to show your appreciation :wink:.

Also, nice bash on Unity @JimMarlowe :slight_smile:.


Hi Alan:

I saw lots of licenses in Github/LICENSE.md. I know Atomic Engine itself is licensed by MIT.
Is that means we can ignore components licenses of engine, because whole engine is licensed by MIT?


All third party licenses are permissive licenses, so MIT, BSD, Apache, Public Domain, etc. The GPL/LGPL licenses are incompatible with the core Atomic project, though free to use whatever in a fork.


@JoshEngebretson Got it. Thanks for your explanations.