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Welcome to the Atomic Community!


Hello! I am Josh Engebretson, Technical Director of THUNDERBEAST GAMES, founders of the Atomic Game Engine.

The Atomic Community is comprised of veteran professionals and those just starting out. This site is a valuable connection to fellow developers leveraging the Atomic technology. Welcome!

Here’s a brief description of the categories as we get setup around here:

Announcements - Announcements of new Atomic releases and other updates.

Atomic Community Support - Help with the official Atomic Game Engine release binaries, scripting, art pipeline, building from source, and any other questions.

Atomic Development - Discussion with core engine developers and contributing members of the Atomic Camel Caravan.

Showcase - A category for sharing screenshots and videos of Atomic applications and features that are in development.

General Discussion - A place to discuss pretty much anything, within reason.

I am really excited about using Discourse for the Atomic Community site. A big thanks to the awesome team at Discourse for generously providing hosting for the Atomic Game Engine! :slight_smile:

Josh Engebretson :camel:
Technical Director