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VSCode C# support on Windows?


I want to use C# in VSCode on Windows with Atomic. When I try to create a C# project, however, I am told to install Visual Studio, Xamarin Studio, or Visual Studio Code. I want to use Visual Studio Code, but I’m not able to find any option…

Is there a way to get Atomic to work with VSCode for C# on Windows?



That info window displays when Visual Studio/MonoDevelop isn’t detected on the system when creating a C# project. The window text should say something about installing VS or MonoDevelop. VSCode is in the header graphic, though not currently supported for C# development. It would be good to make that clear. VSCode can be used for both TypeScript and JavaScript with Visual Studio being the current solution for C# projects.


I spent some time this morning looking into VSCode support for Atomic C# projects. The omnisharp plugin does a really good job of interrogating the working folder for assemblies and stuff.

Intellisense is solid and can totally edit C# in VSCode, then run from the Atomic Editor, which will check and recompile C# source code before play

What solid support comes down to is configuring build/launch tasks, much like the TypeScript VSCode integration does… also a preference for full VS or VSCode would be a good thing to have… we’re always looking for volunteers :camel: :sunny: :palm_tree: