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Under new management


Greetings all,

With the departure of the venerable @JoshEngebretson from the Atomic Game Engine project, the project is under new leadership. Since we no longer have any full-time contributors with a direct stake in Atomic, the consensus is to have a committee that will guide the project. Currently, that committee is made up of @CTrauma @Alan @boberfly @shaddockh @darrylryan @rokups @mattbenic @benwolf

This committee has decided (again, due to the lack of fulltime contributors) that we need to scale back Atomic’s scope a bit, focusing on core features and dropping non-core ones unless a dedicated maintainer for them comes forward. This core is the existing Urho based engine, an editor, and C# scripting support, on desktop platforms.

For more details on this direction, and who will be maintaining different parts of the engine, have a look at https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Future-Direction-Planning-Doc

We’ll strive to do Josh’s awesome work thus far on Atomic justice, and look forward to it having a strong future :slight_smile: :camel: