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The Road To GDC 2017


We’re working hard on preparing for GDC 2017 and I wanted to spin up a thread with progress. I’ll be updating this post as we have stuff to share :slight_smile:

Ok, so first up, Atomic is now running on the Universal Windows Platform, including XBox One! I’ll be posting a development video about this soon, JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, and C++ on UWP and XBox is really cool stuff!

We’re also working on Atomic Glow which provides extremely tight texture packing and high quality lightmaps, it also happens to use Embree from Intel :slight_smile: We’ll have an update in the next couple weeks, In the meantime, here’s a look at the surface atlasing and ambient occlusion bake from the prototype.

In other news, the new business cards are on their way, happy with how they turned out!

I am really looking forward to the trip to San Francisco and meeting with folks about Atomic. If you are going to the show and want to meet, you can PM me here, or ping us at: contact@AtomicGameEngine.com :slight_smile:

Ok, more soon, and back to work with me!


  • Josh


Working on Atomic’s UWP support, will be putting up a XBox One development video soon :zap::camel::zap:

Here’s a shot of going out directly from Visual Studio and using the XBox app to stream back to PC for development, really slick!


That business card is great! Best of luck in GDC! :smiley_cat:


GDC crunch in full effect, here’s a pic of Atomic Glow AO + realtime sunlight :slight_smile: I’ve updated to the master commit of Thekla’s amazing “The Witness” atlas system, and it works even better now! :camel:


Here’s a short video of our Chromium WebView integrated in a simple Atomic Game Engine AR/VR setup, which concludes our talking point materials for GDC 2017, now just a bit of polish! :slight_smile:


Great work, Josh. Have fun at GDC!