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Talk Like A Pirate App


Arrrr, so I was in this store, and there was a little black box with buttons that played pirate sounds, it was good, but not great. So I hatched a plan to manufacture the pirate program that I wanted, and help pirates everywhere.

Its distributed as source code, you can download it from https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/blob/master/TalkLikeAPirate/TalkLikeAPirate.zip unzip it and load TalkLikeAPirate.atomic into the editor, and run it, and you can deploy it to your favorite platform.

Its javascript, and most of the program is turbobadger gui
Its got some special codes to make it look good on mobile and desktop.
MIT License for code and assets, yarrrr


I am waiting for the sequel “Walk like an Egyptian” LOL


hmm, that might take some work, but a little animation blending and manually moving bones could make it a reality :wink: