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Switching default Windows renderer to Direct3D11


We’re looking to switch the default renderer on Windows to be Direct3D11 - https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/issues/1415

The only known issue (I know about at least) is that the Chromium WebView needs some rendering code in the texture blitting from the CEF surface, there are D3D9 and GL versions, D3D11 is missing.

Does anyone have any concerns, objections, or known issues with D3D11, before switching the default from D3D9 to D3D11?

@mattbenic Does this impact any of your custom shaders?


I honestly wouldn’t know without testing. I do think we’d likely stick to a DX9 default on our fork for now, but ultimately we do need to make the move to OpenGL.

Semi-related to this, is the bgfx switch still on the cards, and if so what are the priority and timeline on it?


I see there’s been some discussion of implementing bgfx in Urho3D, with @cadaver of the opinion that it wouldn’t have much of a performance effect wither way.

Where I think it could be of value is that since bgfx is focused on supporting any and all relelvant APIs (eg they’re already a good way int Vulkan support) it would remove a lot of work in supporting those in Atomic. It certainly does look like a change that would have a lot of ripple effects though, if done in an optimal way that wouldn’t duplicate work between Atomic and bgfx, so definitely not simple.

There’s been separate discussion of supporting Vulkan directly in Urho3d, which @dragonCASTjosh was involved in and can probably comment more on:



The current Graphics subsystem has high compatibility and performance, the D3D11/9 and OpenGL/ES backends will be around a long time and capable of fantastic looking scenes, especially with Atomic Glow combined with dynamic lighting and shadows, and of course great art (not included) :art:

One major improvement I want to see for the current renderer is multiple top level window support, as dockable windows are very important for the Atomic Editor.

In the future, we’ll want a Graphics2 subsystem, which very likely could be bgfx (or similar) based. I don’t have a timeline on this, though let’s just say Atomic Game Engine 2 :slight_smile: