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Suggestion: Showcase on main site


I think it would be a really good idea to get a showcase set up on the main Atomic page. Right now there’s the Feature Reel and then a list of features, which is nice but it could be better.

  1. Has anyone shipped anything using Atomic? If so, it should be highlighted.

  2. Since AGE features a web build, why not have some of the Examples launchable from the main page? Then interested users can try out the samples immediately; no download required.

  3. It might be a good idea to take an Example or 2, apply a bit of polish and get them published to the Android/iOS store. This gives interested parties something to try out on mobile and “proves” mobile support for the engine.


I think @JimMarlowe has a few apps shipped, but honestly, we don’t have a product that will really sell Atomic, but I’m pretty sure that’s only a matter of time, I myself was planning to have something released at this point, but game development is a bitch :stuck_out_tongue: . It wasn’t technical difficulties but problems with the guys with the money :smile:… It’s not easy to convince these people to change the tech as that represents risk.

I agree with this. I haven’t tried building for the web yet, but at very least we could host the examples somewhere. This sounds like a low-hanging fruit.

I agree. My original intention with the Racer2D example was to make something much more complete, with main menu, 3 characters, and 3 scenarios themes (procedural), we have the art for that but most of us are short on time these days :stuck_out_tongue: .


It would be great to have a AAA-quality, critic’s-darling sort of thing shipped, but really anything that’s been shipped is a worthwhile milestone. I’m sure you know there is a HUGE gap between an interesting sample/demo and a shippable product.

Right now I don’t see anything I could point to as proof if someone asked me “Is AGE far enough along to ship something?”.

It’s never too early to celebrate successes. Every small success for the community helps the community grow.


There are titles in production using Atomic, though they aren’t public yet. I am hoping we’ll be able to showcase some neat stuff this year :wink:

If someone wants to polish up a nice 2D and 3D demo for the web, that would be cool. This wouldn’t be a slap it up task though, anything front facing needs a level of polish, and the web deployment needs some updating.

We also really need a blog update… and a binary build update… and I am at the end of current contract, so am also looking for a project to work on… and… it is all good! :camel:


The problem is knowing where one’s time would be better employed: polishing and shipping an example, or say writing some better docs and tutorials, which may help the users themselves to ship some decent games. I think that in the long run the latter would be better; it’s much easier to convince people your engine is good when other people are using it. If complete demos were a major selling point LY would be #1 :stuck_out_tongue: . The team should focus on tech demos, not marketable games.


@Alan It is better to do one or the other, than neither… and as this would pretty much be something, someone, wanted to do, an open choice.

Which would I rather see? Docs and tutorials, definitely… especially on the “How to get going with code” from JS/TS, C#, and C++ perspectives… the well is deep.