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[Solved] Loading a Tiled map through C# code?


Hi People of Atomic,

Been using the engine for a few weeks and loving the simplicity and elegance. Definitely looking forward to seeing it grow.

My first question is as follows:
I’m able to load a tiled map through the atomic editor, but can’t figure out how to do it from code. Right now my code looks like this:

TileMap2D mapComponent = new TileMap2D();
mapComponent.SetTmxFile(new TmxFile2D().Load( WHAT GOES HERE? ));
Node mapNode = new Node();

The load method accepts (Deserializer source), but how to I get the actual .tmx file in there? Any tips greatly appreciated.


The deserializer probably means it’s a Resource, in not-so-many (or clear) words. See if this code gets you further.

using AtomicEngine;
using AtomicPlayer;

public class AtomicMain : AppDelegate
    public override void Start()
        Scene myscene = AtomicNET.GetSubsystem<Player>().LoadScene("Scenes/Scene.scene");
	Node mapNode = new Node();
	TileMap2D mapComponent = mapNode.CreateComponent<TileMap2D>();
	mapComponent.TmxFile = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>().GetResource<TmxFile2D>("Scenes/isometric_grass_and_water.tmx");



Thanks Jim.
It seems to be loading the tmx file now, but I get a System.AccessViolationException when trying to assign the file to the component.

Node mapNode = new Node();
TileMap2D mapComponent = mapNode.CreateComponent<TileMap2D>();
TmxFile2D tmxFile = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>().GetResource<TmxFile2D>("Maps/map1.tmx");
mapComponent.TmxFile = tmxFile; // <-- Errors out here

The last line in my code throws the error.
System.AccessViolationException: ‘Attempted to read or write protected memory. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.’

If I try running through the editor, I get this error in the log:
ERROR: at AtomicEngine.TileMap2D.csb_Atomic_TileMap2D_SetTmxFile_2958(IntPtr self, IntPtr tmxFile)

When debugging in VS, I can see that the TmxFile2D object has 4 layers, which is how many my map has, so everything up till the last line seems to be working fine.


Any ideas?


My experience has been, the other files the tmx file needs (pngs, etc) must be in the same directory as the .tmx file or bad things happen. bad things.


Solved by creating a new project and trying again.
Not sure why it wasn’t working in my old project.
Thanks for the help.