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Set Up External Text Editor


I’ve read that you can use an external text editor with AGE instead of the built-in editor.

I’d like to use GitHub Atom with AGE. But there doesn’t appear to be a setting in the AGE Preferences or menus anything anywhere explaining exactly how to do this.

I found the entry on the Wiki that describes setting up Atom/Typescript but it seems to be limited to TypeScript (https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Using-TypeScript-with-External-Editors).

What am I missing?



With Typescript you can use an external editor https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Using-TypeScript-with-External-Editors or the AtomicEditor internal editor.
With C#, source code editing is done in the platform C# IDE ( Visual Studio, Xamarin, monodevelop ).
With Javascript, it uses the AtomicEditor internal editor.


If you are sticking with vanilla JavaScript for developing your game, all you need to do is point your editor to the root of your project and just add/modify the files in the Resources directory. To test, you will still need to use the editor to run your game.