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Rogue Atomic Game Engine C++ SDK (Linux)


This package will allow you to create an Atomic SDK (includes, libs, optional docs), still MIT licensed, that can then be used to created C++ programs. It is presently for the Linux platform.
This is a minimalist methodology to create an Atomic C++ program, you get the SDK, then a Makefile and some code and off you go. The Makefile contains
the raw power of the system, and is presently linking all libraries, like the AtomicPlayer does. This can be tuned to do only 2D or 3D, and drop out libraries
you don’t need (unless they have dependency issues), hence the “raw” part.
There is room for improvement :wink:

It’s split into 3 parts (in zip files), for generating the SDK, a simple application, and enhancing the C++ FeatureExamples.
(SdkGeneration.zip) The SDK is generated with a script and can optionally add the doxygen API docs (if you have doxygen installed).
(SimpleApp.zip) This is a simple C++ application in source form that is intended to be compiled with a created SDK.
(FeatureExampleFiles.zip) There are some support files (Makefile) for the C++ FeatureExamples that comes with Atomic that also make it compile with a created SDK and run.

SDK instructions are here, with the 3 zip files to download, to get the full SDK experience.

Would you like to know more?

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Awesome, more fresh eggs from the Game Farm chickens! :chicken:

A goal is to put up cross platform C++ SDK versions/snapshots, excellent R&D! If we have Atomic setup so can easily be used in applications via a C++ SDK (I think it is ok to require CMake) and a C# nuget, will be in good shape :camel: :thumbsup:

Edit: The C++ SDK can also include optional, pregenerated, JavaScript/TypeScript bindings too, basically the SDK wouldn’t require the bootstrap process of building AtomicTool to generate the bindings, so would be a MUCH easier add to existing (and new) projects. On C#, nuget is really the solution and fine to build that out/version from the Atomic build.