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[Question] Atomic game engine and ipad1 web browser


Hello everyone,
I am Manolis and I discovered the atomic engine today. I want to port a game for mobile web browsers from unity to atomic, and I would like to ask if atomic engine runs smooth on ipad 1 safari browser.
The project is a 2d question game and has 3 buttons and a moving sprite based on the user’s answer.

How to reduce AtomicPlayer.js file size?

Hi Manolis, and welcome to our community!

For such a simple 2D game, you certainly won’t have performance problems. That being said, Atomic uses emscripten for WebGL builds, the player (Player.js) size is pretty small, about 2.5MB, and in terms of overhead you’ll also find acceptable numbers, however, I personally wouldn’t recommend Atomic or any other transpiled engine for Web deployment. In my opinion using that is only reasonable when you want a web demo, or if you’re familiar with some technology and want to have something running from the browsers very quickly. The quality of the final product generally isn’t extremely high though, and you could face compatibility problems (although unlikely in up to date systems).

While we welcome you to try and use Atomic, as a professional I would recommend a real HTML5 engine for that. BabylonJS for example should provide everything you need to get that running in no time. You would have to use JS in Atomic for web deployment anyway, so there’s not much incentive to use Atomic if your project is intended solely for the web.