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Problem opening JavaScript files in 32 bit Atomic Editor



Good morning,
thanks in advance for your support. The problem is: I open atomic game engine executable and the roboman example. Click on the avatarcontroller.js of components folder of roboman example, but when i try to open it, in the console of atomic game engine there is this error: INFO: WebViewJS: Uncaught (in promise) Error: (SystemJS) SyntaxError: Unexpected token {
at eval (native)
Evaluating atomic://C:/AtomicGameEngine/Artifacts/AtomicEditor/Resources/ToolData/CodeEditor/source/editorCode/clientExtension/languageExtension/typescript/TypescriptLanguageExtension.js

Error loading atomic://C:/AtomicGameEngine/Artifacts/AtomicEditor/Resources/ToolData/CodeEditor/source/editorCode/clientExtension/languageExtension/typescript/TypescriptLanguageExtension.js as “./languageExtension/typescript/TypescriptLanguageExtension” from atomic://C:/AtomicGameEngine/Artifacts/AtomicEditor/Resources/ToolData/CodeEditor/source/editorCode/clientExtension/ServiceLocator.js (atomic://C:/AtomicGameEngine/Artifacts/AtomicEditor/Resources/ToolData/CodeEditor/MonacoEditor.html:0)

Waiting for your kind feedback, I wish you a good day.


Hello, are you building from source or using the site binary?


Hello Josh, thanks for your support. I’m building from source.


Thanks, can you check the binary on the site to see if that works for you? This is an odd error which hasn’t been reported to date. Hey @shaddockh, do you happen to have any ideas?


Unfortunately I haven’t seen this before and I haven’t been able to successfully reproduce it.

Does this happen when you try to open any js file? Or just that one?

If you create a new 2D project can you open any of the js files that are created?

Also, what OS are you running on?


Hello guys, i can’t use the binary on the site, because i have Windows 7 32 bit OS. I’m trying to compile the binary from source with compatibility of 32 bit os. I have the binary compiled in 32 bit, but when i try to open all .js files, in the console of the atomic game engine binary there is this error. All other features works perfectly, but not open .js files.


I’m not entirely sure if the editor is supported under 32-bit windows. I know that it’s definitely not supported under 32-bit Linux and another poster has been asking questions about bulding under the 64-bit editor and deploying to the 32-bit player.

@JoshEngebretson Is the editor supported under 32-bit windows? Could that be part of the problem?


Ok shaddockh. I’m waiting, like you, an answer from JoshEngebretson.


Good morning shaddockh. Did you receive a reply from JoshEngebretson about the editor is supported or not under 32-bit windows?

If the editor is not supported under 32 bit, do you know an alternative editor with autocomplete and compatible with atomic game engine?

Thanks in advance.


I have not yet heard anything, but I actually use VSCode for my JavaScript/TypeScript editor and only use the Atomic Editor for debugging and for setting up my scenes.

You can see information about using VSCode at:

You should be able to edit your code externally with that. One question I do have is if you bring up an example in the Atomic Editor, can you hit the “play” button and run the example? If that works, then editing the code externally should be fine.

Unfortunately I don’t have a 32 bit windows environment to debug with to try to track down exactly what’s happening with the code editor (I’m on a Mac)


Thanks. If i hit the play button, the example runs. I think I will use VScode.


The code editor uses the Chromium Embedded Framework, for which we have a submodule with 64 binaries. There are no plans to support 32 bit CEF, thus VSCode is indeed your best option.


Thanks JoshEngebretson. I have another question.

I compile atomic game engine from source code, but probably if i add --with-docs as arguments i get this error:

Using TypeScript 2.4.1 from C:\AtomicGameEngine\Artifacts\Build\JSDoc\node_modul
Error: C:/AtomicGameEngine/Artifacts/Build/JSDoc/node_modules/@types/node/index.
Duplicate identifier ‘require’.
Error: C:/AtomicGameEngine/Script/TypeScript/dist/Atomic.d.ts(18665)
Duplicate identifier ‘require’.
throw errObj;

Error: Process exited with error.
at api.fail (C:\AtomicGameEngine\Build\node_modules\jake\lib\api.js:336:18)
at null. (C:\AtomicGameEngine\Build\node_modules\jake\lib\utils\i
at emitTwo (events.js:88:13)
at emit (events.js:173:7)
at ChildProcess. (C:\AtomicGameEngine\Build\node_modules\jake\lib
at emitTwo (events.js:88:13)
at ChildProcess.emit (events.js:173:7)
at Process.ChildProcess._handle.onexit (internal/child_process.js:201:12)

How can i fix this problem? Thanks in advance.


Hello JoshEngebretson. I have another question. Where can I find a manual for atomic game engine for syntax, classes etc?

Thanks in advance.


You’ll probably have more luck if you create specific topics for what you are trying to find out and look around the forum to see if others have asked the same question. Adding to this solved topic won’t get many views. Also, if you find a bug, check the github issues list to see if anyone else is having the same problem and if not, create an issue.

Take a look at the Resource section of the Atomic Game Engine site -> this should point you at more reference information such as an API reference. https://atomicgameengine.com/#atomic-resources


Good morning shaddockh, sorry, but this is the first time I ask for support on this site and I did not know how to behave. Anyway thank you for the answer.