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Official Atomic Roadmap


Atomic Roadmap

This is the official Atomic Roadmap with a view of where Atomic technology is headed. Atomic is a team effort, if you are working on something that you would like to have on the roadmap, respond in this thread or PM me and we’ll talk about it. If there is a feature you wish was on the roadmap, consider posting or voting in the Atomic Wish List

Atomic Just Code™

“Just Code” refers to using Atomic technology as a standard library in existing and new C++, C#, and JavaScript projects. It encompasses both the Atomic Player runtime and AtomicTool for asset processing, automated script binding support, etc. The tooling being supplied as binaries to simplify Atomic’s inclusion in externally defined projects.

There are 3 “Just Code” flavors:


This is planned as packaging of the full Atomic runtime C++ sources, with ThirdParty as static libs, and AtomicTool provided as a binary (with instructions even!). This setup will make it very easy to slug Atomic into a project, and not explode the project’s build… with all the benefits of having full Atomic runtime source in project. Cocos2d-x does this to good effect, we could take some hints from there.

C# NuGet

This is a packaging of AtomicNET as a C# NuGet, with AtomicTool provided as a binary. A good example and source material for what an Atomic NuGet will look like is provided by UrhoSharp. We also need Visual Studio project templates, MonoGame and Cocos2d-x both have VS templates which could provide ideas. I also have UWP and Xbox One support in a branch with the start of a VS template… and Atomic should be on Microsoft’s Creators Program as an engine choice.

JavaScript/TypeScript Packages

There are NPM, VSCode, and Atom package targets here, and support for these three are quite related. The idea is that if you’re familiar with NPM or these two major JavaScript IDE’s, you can install the Atomic package and have a “Just Code” project spun up in minutes. There is design work on best Atomic packaging for JS/TS developers, though we’re darned close on standard VSCode/Atom IDE workflow already :+1:

Atomic Glow

Atomic Glow is a solution for high quality baked GI lighting on a wide range of target hardware. It also features low battery usage on mobile devices. Glow automatically generates optimized mesh UV2 at import, lights scenes, and writes packed lightmap atlases.

Atomic Editor 2

The Atomic Editor is in need of a reboot and is a hot topic in Atomic Chat. There is discussion as to whether keep it a native application, go with managed C#, etc. In either case, there are other high level decisions to make on what is probably best called “Atomic Editor 2”.

This is far from a redo, ToolCore is where the bulk of the Atomic project functionality resides and is designed to be shared between AtomicTool, the command line tooling, and the Atomic Editor.

On the editor UI, TurboBadger is capable of sweet themed game UI’s, it is a bit awkward when building tooling. Atomic now has imgui integration at the C++ level, and I think immediate mode is a great fit for a more easily expandable Atomic Editor UI.

On the editor in general, I need to maximize available bandwidth, so my focus is on “Just Code” C++/C# in the short term. Discussion, planning, and even work on an editor reboot can proceed, where there is a :camel: there is a way.

Is there a roadmap?