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.NET Core on Debian Jessie?


I see that you have instructions for hooking up C# development with Mono and Visual Studio on Linux. I am running Debian Jessie with .NET Core and Visual Studio Code. I then installed Atomic GE and tried to create a new project based on the C# 2D example. I got a popup indicating I don’t have the right setup. Is Atomic GE not compatible with .NET Core and Visual Studio Code in Debian Jessie? Is that something we’re working toward?


At the present time, monodevelop is the only supported (integrated, tested) IDE for linux c++ development. Is Visual Studio Code a full IDE, so it would be an drop in replacement for monodevelop?


VSCode is supported as an editor for Typescript game programming https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Using-TypeScript-with-External-Editors but this feature is not present in the C# toolchain.


Please link to the doc you’re referring to that describes setting up with Linux and VS. Since Atomic uses Mono on non-Windows platforms to implement .Net support I would expect MonoDevelop is your only option there.

On Windows it supports/requires full Visual Studio (not VSCode) for C# development.


@JimMarlowe: Yup, VS Code is Microsoft’s new full-featured, cross-platform editor (wow, that came out very Marketing-ish…).

@mattbenic: I followed the Atomic guide for Building from Source.

Thanks for your replies! It looks like I’ll have to wait and see whether Atomic branches or switches to align with the huge change to Core that is going on right now. These are exciting times…


There is no reason we won’t be able to go out on NET Core using VSCode, and we should… I don’t have the bandwidth to look at this right now with GDC looming, I would estimate at most a week, probably a couple days.


Wow!!! That would be amazing – I had no idea such a turn-around time would be possible. You’ve already made my day. :slight_smile:


Any news on .NET Core with VSCode on Debian? I’m excited to start working with Atomic!


Hello @ericfoxx, for C# we currently support Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, and MonoDevelop. Atomic also supports VSCode for TypeScript/JavaScript, and even integrates Monaco in the Atomic Editor.

I want to see C# support for NET Core + VSCode. At this point, Atomic has a rock solid foundation and it is just a matter of resources. I do not have an ETA for you on this, however pull requests are always welcome :slight_smile:


Official VSCode support is going to be great! Consistency across all platform is good to have, although I personally can’t live without resharper anymore. Maybe Rider will be supported someday too so we can have the best of both worlds.

Wait… there’s no intrinsic relation between Mono+MonoDevelop and .NET+Visual Studio… the editors can be used interchangeably. That being said, whether Atomic supports them is also a matter of generating usable solutions that are properly linked in each platform. That is the hard part. But nothing keeps you from developing in Visual Studio using the Mono runtime or developing in MonoDevelop using the .NET runtime.


That’s absolutely true, but they do tend to go together as toolchains. You could probably get things working with any other editor on either platform with some fiddling but the “out the box supported” configurations at this stage are limited to VS/.Net on Windows and Mono/Xamarin (I’m not sure exactly which offhand, I’m only working on windows) on other platforms.

Straight from the lead camel’s mouth:


Yeah, sure. It’s just that the way you worded it sounds like somehow Mono is tied to MonoDevelop: [quote=“mattbenic, post:4, topic:174”]
Since Atomic uses Mono on non-Windows platforms to implement .Net support I would expect MonoDevelop is your only option there.
Sounds like “it uses Mono therefore MonoDevelop is your only option” what’s not true really, Mono comprises a lot of stuff including the VM which will happily run IL binaries produced by other toolchains. I get your point but I just wanted to clarify that the .NET implementation and the editor are very different things.