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NavArea,CrowdAgent tutorial



I need to use NavArea, Navigable, NavigationMesh and CrowAgent to get characters move inside a town.
Does they work in Atomic Engine ?
Is there tutorials ?


Yes, they do! Everything works in Atomic! There are some current pain points like the editor and lack of docs, but the ‘core’ engine is 100% stable and totally usable for production. You will find rough edges here and there, and unexperienced devs may have a hard time with some advanced stuff, but you won’t find something ‘broken’, at most lacking but probably easily fixable/workaroundable.

Nope, there are a few things on YouTube and the Wiki, but honestly nothing that will get a beginner anywhere without a lot of searching and assumptions.

There are examples showing how to use navigation, specifically the feature examples (available both in C++ and C#) show how to do that and if you can learn from them (which I admit is far from ideal) you should be able to do everything you may need in terms of pathfinding and navigation.

Atomic is forked from Urho, which has some docs that could also be useful sometimes.