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My 2017 7-Day Roguelike entry


Every year, there is a competition to try to create a Roguelike style game in 7 days. Last year was the first year I tried and used the Atomic Game Engine and really didn’t get very far. This year, I tried again, and actually have something playable. It doesn’t tick off all the boxes for a true roguelike, but it does have randomly generated dungeons and permadeath. I’m using the prototyping tiles from Lost Garden and ROT.js for some dungeon generation.

The code is written in TypeScript and gameplay consists of entering a level, trying to find the key to the door, and descending to see how far you can get.

There are beetles that attack you and hearts to increase your life. After 7 days, I had the gameplay complete but there were 2 game breaking bugs that I didn’t get resolved. I’ve fixed those in a post-competition update branch on my github.

I’ve posted the code at: https://github.com/shaddockh/7DRL/tree/7DRL2017_Updates

This works on the current Atomic Game Engine master (not the binary download from January) and I’ve only tested it on MacOS, so if anyone tries it out on another OS and has issues, let me know. Please note, this was basically hacked together in 7 days so don’t judge the code too much. :slight_smile:


My adventure ended a few steps in front of the door at a depth of 30’

A lady bug, er I mean vicious beetle of doom :beetle: got me and ate the :key: too!!!

Very cool, thanks for sharing, and the daily breakdown in the README.md is great :slight_smile: