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Linux support (15 chars)


Hi, all!
Is Linux native support in Atomic Game Engine and Editor are mature?
Should I consider it for Linux native development?



Do you want the answer in 15 chars or are you asking something else?
Yes, the AtomicGameEngine and editor work well on most linuxes, though Arch still has some issues.


The topic lower limit is 15 characters, so I had to fill but I could not
come with better idea.

Thanks for the answer.

Are there any differencies to Urho3D except for editor and
CSharp/JavaScript/TypeScript support?


Ok, was unsure if you wanted 15bit Linux support :smile: The core is comparable, Turbobadger replaces the urho ui, there are different debug/profile capabilities, deploy games to different platforms from Editor. The language bindings are excellent, pick one and write your game.
And there are a couple of linux only community members (me included).