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Lifelong developer but new to Gaming and the Engine



I’m a long time developer, brand new to game development.
I understand the major concepts with games (sprites, scenes, physics, etc, the smaller stuff I’m sure I can pick up as I go along).

I’m looking to create a few games for Android / iOS - 2D only, mainly as my game ideas all gravitate to 2D and I dont’ have the manpower for a proper 3D adventure.

Question is if this is the right engine to start working on. I’m asking now especially since the founder is leaving and I’m worried that the very scarce documentation and low activity will decrease even more.

What’s making me consider this engine is strong 2D, c# language and Android/iOS deployment.

I was considering UrhoSharp but that seems VERY inactive.

Any suggestions/ideas/flames appreciated.


Yes, you could use Atomic to make 2D games for iOS and Android in C# right now. It’s a pretty solid choice.
The future of Atomic is a little uncertain right now though. Not in a “omg its dead” way, but certainly with JoshEngebretson stepping down as leader things will get a bit slower and there will need to be some discussion about which bits get chopped off to make it fit in its new box (Atomic I mean, not Josh).
I would personally recommend you go with Godot 2.1 right now though. It’s pretty stable and solid for 2D game development and you should be able to make a simple 2D game in it fairly easily as long as you don’t need high performance.


I was actually thinking of maybe still sticking with Atomic for now and writing my code appropriately. Basically I was thinking of making a thin API for the engine and if all goes well , excellent, if not I replace tit with another c# engine with only changing the API.