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JSHint editor plugin


Who uses JSHint, a static code analysis tool for JavaScript? Google does, JimMarlowe does and a plethora of other companies do, and now, so can you. I’ve made a plugin for the AtomicEditor that allows you to harness the power of JSHint from the privacy of your own home (or office). Its easy to use and works wonders. [Read about it] (https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/blob/master/JshintPlugin/README.md) or [download it] (https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/tree/master/JshintPlugin) and make your code better.
But please install jshint before the using the plugin :slight_smile:


You get a report of your Javascript flaws, and you can elect fix them, if you want. This it what a report looks like: ( Ideally, it should be empty :rooster: )

You’ll notice I used to be have problems with my Javascript code … Three equal signs? Who thought of that? Missing semicolons? vars not used, well, that is useful.


Awesome editor extension, if you’re going to be doing any mount of JS’ing, analysis tools are a must, and nice integration :thumbsup:

BTW, you might like this, good fun: https://www.destroyallsoftware.com/talks/wat