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Is there a roadmap?


I managed to google up an old roadmap that was posted to the blog, but haven’t found anything newer. I know the next Milestone is available in Github, but it would be nice to see something a little farther reaching.


We don’t have a roadmap afaik, the closest we have at the moment are the GitHub milestones you’ve seen.
In @JoshEngebretson’s words:

Roadmaps get outdated fast, build expectations that can’t be delivered

Which I tend to agree with, especially because Atomic doesn’t really have a big development team with task management and that kind of stuff. Anything more than a simple to-do list would be overkill at this point in my opinion.

Is there any specific feature you’re interested on?


@Alan I knew you were building that chat logging site for nefarious purposes! :male_detective:

The “official” roadmap to date has pretty much been “work on core” and then do some more “work on core”… I do a lot of heavy lifting and am a gate keeper, doing best to make sure the stuff which hits master doesn’t ruin the fun for everyone. I also do contracting on Atomic which prioritizes some features and issues.

Atomic is a team sport, though as a volunteer effort, it can be difficult to closely coordinate… I think roadmaps are important in the right context, and am all for a community roadmap. I would be quite willing to add the tangible things I am working on to it. It is also possible that there may be some simple things we could do to better coordinate?

Where roadmaps fall apart for many projects is when they become wishlists. On that note, I would prioritize a wishlist of high yield, low hanging usability fruit, over a roadmap right now.


My interest is twofold:

  1. As someone who is considering investing some real time into using this engine, I’d like to know where it is headed. This helps me understand where the tech is going and helps me prioritize and define features that I might add.

  2. Having a public roadmap, even if it’s full of hand-waving and vague dates, gives a stronger sense to anyone new that there is a planned future. It doesn’t need to be a Gannt chart, it could just be a list of 5 significant features and what order it’s expected they’ll be implemented in. Maybe the top few have a vague timeline attached, the rest are simply “after the others are done, time permitting”.



If we had a community wishlist it would be a good place to have an idea on what is important to add to the engine, so in the future if the time comes when a roadmap will make sense we could use the wishlist for planning, which hopefully will have some substantial data already. At the beginning the wishlist won’t have relevant usable statistics.

I think Atomic has pretty much all the features you’d need to ship most games. The editor could be better, and sometimes the scripting API is lacking, but an experienced developer won’t have too many problems getting the job done. That being said, although Atomic provides a quite complete solution, there are cases in which it won’t be a sensible choice, some examples are if you need complex rendering features, or say VR (Vive/Oculus) support.

I have only needed to change the core so far to replace subsystems, but it was for some quite extreme specialization, the default ones are suitable for the large majority of games.


Atomic on Google VR, on an iPhone SE running 120hz (2x60hz), pretty sure desktop AR/VR is also possible :wink:


Yeah, I’m sure it’s possible, but it’s not that simple really and support for the desktop VR systems would be imho a valid point to go for a specific engine, especially because even things like physics need some specialization to work properly (Bullet has it though).
I’m not saying you can’t use Atomic for those games, just that if VR is a priority, built-in support will (and should) certainly be important when deciding what engine to use.


“Is there a roadmap?”

There is now, thanks for the prodding :+1: