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Improving Atomic Community


Hi there.

Here are a few ideas to improve the community, let me know what you think:

1- [DONE] Enable additional OAuth services
At the moment only GitHub and Facebook are available, the former is only popular among developers (and I guess most potential users aren’t familiar with it), and the latter I’m not 100% sure what is but it seems quite popular what’s a good thing, but still, I guess discourse have Google built-in (a matter of enabling in the panel I believe), and apparently there are quite a few plugins for extra services too. I think providing more popular services integration (like Twitter) would decrease the entry barrier. Also, do we really need an email address when using these services?

2- Community wishlist
I think we need this, it doesn’t have to be complex though; just a place where people can add requests, comment and vote on them. Ideally it should be integrated/linked with discourse so users don’t have to register somewhere else too. The system should also allow some kind of categorization (e.g.: Editor wishlist). Maybe there’s a discourse plugin for this.

3- [DONE] Easily searchable Gitter logs (https://Alan-FGR.github.io/AtomicGitterLog/)
Lots of people complain about the Gitter search and they’re right in my opinion; it’s completely useless. We could dump the Gitter logs somewhere and provide an easily searchable interface (elastic search) so people can benefit from the discussions there. There are so many answers buried there… maybe we could also provide a way for users to upvote specific messages and use that data in the search heuristics, and maybe once messages get a determined number of upvotes we could list them somewhere too.

Also, can we use images for the categories badges here? Colors aren’t enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe we could use this: https://meta.discourse.org/t/discourse-voting/40121
If I understand correctly, we could add a new category (named say Wishlist or Feedback), and enable voting only on the topics there, so it should work fine for the purpose of a basic wishlist.

What about using Gitter only for core development discussion and pointing users to discourse, maybe the chat plugin could do a decent job compared to Gitter, while being integrated and apparently searchable. Dunno if server infrastructure will scale though :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, enable some machine translation feature as well :slight_smile:

It seems for a community chat slack is the way to go: https://blog.discourse.org/2016/10/official-slack-integration-for-discourse/

Apparently you can also get GitHub notifications in a slack channel: https://get.slack.help/hc/en-us/articles/232289568-Use-GitHub-with-Slack


@Alan Good point on the Google OAuth2 login, I setup OAuth2 so now, can login with Google, Facebook, Github or creating an account. I tested by logging in with it through gmail account and it worked like magic… If anyone is having issues with it, lemme know.

I like the idea about the wishlist/feature requests. GitHub issues aren’t a good place for feature requests. This doesn’t necessarily mean massive new features, also a place to request specific usability improvements, bug fixes, etc.


Awesome @JoshEngebretson!
Regarding the wishlist, I really think we should have voting, but I agree we don’t need massive features, however, that voting plugin for discourse really seems to be able to do the trick without bloat. Apparently it would allow us to have a ‘feedback/wishlists’ category here with subcategories where people could add topics that other people could upvote. The plugin is very actively maintained and is one of the most popular, I just don’t know if you can install something like that since this is not self-hosted.


OK, now that the Gitter archiving tool (https://github.com/Alan-FGR/GitterLogger) and web frontend (https://github.com/Alan-FGR/AtomicGitterLog) I quickly coded are tested and online, I’m marking that as done. @JoshEngebretson I’m also marking the OAuth item but maybe Twitter would be nice to have too if it’s not hard to set it up.


Great work on the Atomic Chat Gitter log @Alan, thanks! :+1: Cool that you pushed the source up to GitHub :camel:

I added evaluating Twitter logins to my calendar.


Thanks, @JoshEngebretson. Well, it’s just a quick hacky solution, nothing to be very proud of, but at least it’s serving its purpose for the time being :stuck_out_tongue: . Yeah, all scripts I’m using for both the archiver and the web front end are available on GitHub. I still have to license them but it’s gonna be very permissive.