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Importing models and animations from Blender



I created a model with MakeHuman, and added behaviour files to it. It works fine in Blender.
Then I tried to export it. My first attempt was to export it as fbx. Unfortunatelly, it was not successful - I can use fbx generated by the Makehuman in Atomic, but the Blender’s export seems unuseable.
Then I tried the Uhro3D exporter (io_mesh_uhro.zip) but it generated a 0 byte length file as model.

Is there any way to import models with animation from Blender ?


Finally, I found one solution - not too elegant, but at least, it works:

  1. Export the character and animation as collada.
  2. Create ani file from the collada model with the Uhro3D AssetImporter
  3. Put the collada model to the scene
  4. Remove the animationconroller
  5. In your code load the animation, and create animationstate
  6. In the Update event call the addtime function on the animationstate.

Probably, it is not the ideal solution, but I didn’t found any better.


I use 3ds max, and I can export as FBX and they work in the Atomic Engine. I did have a few problems with tranparency on my model though. I am pretty sure Blender can export as FBX also.


The blender also have fbx exporter, but the atomic editor is unable the use this fbx unlike the MakeHuman generated fbx.


I am not sure if blender has this feature, but in max you have the option to export as an older FBX if needed. Sometimes some engines prefer the older FBX format. You can probably get a blender plugin for exporting to FBX as well.

Found this, but you have probably already seen it