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How to reduce AtomicPlayer.js file size?


Hi every body

I have a little time getting to know this game engine. I wanted to know that this is a good game angine for html/webgl games on mobile browser?

How to reduce AtomicPlayer.js file size? this very big size. 12MB
I just use a simple 2d project.


Alan gave some points about this subject this thread :

I use it to see just how much performance I can get into it, and for VERY casual games that do not require much speed or interaction (card games, guessing games) its almost acceptable, for 3D, not so much, but, as you have found, the wait time to start up is too long, and just executing so much transpiled code is slow.

Theoretically, its possible to build the Atomic with just the libraries you need, though presently, there no examples of how to do this, and you still may end up with performance issues. WebAssembly may help, but that is also theoretical.