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Help me.. how install atomic engine?


How to use the game engine to develop a mmo that is possible?
I can not compile the source code can anyone help?


"I can not compile the source code can anyone help?"
In what step do you have a problem?

Also there is one hidden “problem”: if your path contains not English words,compilation throw cmd will fail.

UPD: My steps of succesful installation on Windows (7, if it matters) without correction mistakes

  1. Download project in Git Bash (I don’t trust git GitHub Desktop in complex issues)
  2. Added path to QT5.3.2 folder in Source\ThirdParty\easy_profiler near this code:
    endif ()
    Did it, because in other try CMake gave me error and how to fix it.
    3 Builded from downloaded project in other folder with latest CMake
  3. Checked/Installed my C++/JS/TypeScript/QT and some others libraries in MVS 2017 just in case
  4. Opened console with command cmd.exe from Win+R window
  5. Used a command from instruction on CMake_VS2017.bat file
  6. Worried about possible errors.

Some other tips, wich I learn during installation:

  1. Process of final building with CMake_VS201X.bat takes it’s path to needful folder from CMake itself. If you want to change folder path, do it with cmake.exe from console.
  2. In console if you get an error, compilation will be stopped.You need to fix error and start it again.
  3. Some optional components didn’t compile in console. I deleted them from build by CMake.
  4. I had some problems with advance build. But I don’t know what I did wrong to have these.