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Heartfelt Request


Great idea, Josh!

A series of very short tutorial videos that briefly demonstrate creating a simple project.

Each video could be a discreet step or three only, so there’s no need to index one long video and it could be used as a both a tutorial and a reference.

For me, I would hope that it would cover the basics of script setup (ie. MainLoop) as well as maybe some bread-n-butter interactive 3D stuff such as instancing prefabs from code, sending messages between objects, responding to collisions events, etc.

It shouldn’t be too fancy. It’s not for the ages as AGE’s UI is sure to evolve rapidly in the coming year(s). The goal should be to make something that will get a determined noob to the point that they can start actually coding some game elements. That’s the spark we need.

Once this is done, we can turn to fleshing out the API documentation out with some usage and snippet examples. That should pour some gas on the fire that you started with the videos.

Make a little path for us now, Josh, and we’ll all turn it into a trail.


@marty, I’m pretty sure your recommendations were taken seriously by everybody here, the problem is we don’t currently have the manpower necessary to create quality video tutorials, and I’m afraid that creating some half-assed ones as a temporary fix isn’t in Josh’s plans, since in my opinion it’s better to spend a little more effort to have something of good quality which would benefit the community for way more time.

Josh is actively working on Atomic, but the other collaborators can’t devote a lot of time to it, and since the docs aren’t complete yet, I guess very few people are actually capable of producing good video tutorials. Another point is that the editor is still not very usable yet. I am doing some written coding-focused tutorials, at the moment I’m working on one that shows how to easily port parts of your C# code to C++ by taking advantage of the binding generator to fix possible bottlenecks, but it’s somewhat advanced; the audience is basically people who are used to game development in general and don’t actually need the basic tutorials to use Atomic. I’ve started making a tutorial inspired by the XNA ones (kinda noob2pro), but I don’t have much time to work on it.

If you’re a complete beginner in game development, I honestly don’t know what path to recommend if you want to use Atomic. I think the Urho docs, including forums, some articles on random websites, and also their wiki could be of some help, but it’s certainly not going to be a smooth experience for a total beginner. Our community is quite good and we’re generally active on Gitter.

@JoshEngebretson by the way:



Sorry, I misunderstood, when I first read this was on the road to GDC, so thought it was an offer to help make tutorials. I currently don’t have the bandwidth to make these videos, some of this material exists out there (https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Getting-Started) and that is some good advice from @Alan


Do you guys have enough users to collect statistics already? If that’s so, you need docs on the urgent to-do list. If not, using data collected from a few users is the worst mistake. Docs are needed regardless of user statistics, I googled for hours and couldn’t find a single tutorial! That’s the hugest entry barrier.


There is existing information is available:

There is new information from the community on the wiki, https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki and dont forget the showcase section of the forum.


Yeah, we definitely need tutorials! I personally don’t like videos, I find them too slow and it’s hard to revisit some specific point.

That indeed was the case too during the early days of Unity’s game engine video tutorials.

Until this guy from nowhere came along and with his colorful language fxxx all previous Unity tutorials into shreds.

I guess he is just as sick as the rest of us with lengthy tutorials that took forever to get to the point.

This was the video that started it all and caused quite a stir in Reddit’s game dev within a day:

He has since created a few more, all straight to the point, from the look of the comments, his intention is very well received.

This is one of the most popular in his series:

If there is someone that can replicate his straight to the point style for the atomic game engine, it’s going to be a really good thing for the Atomic Game Engine.


I personally think that Josh did a good job with giving users a good jump start.

I got started with the Getting Started and the videos on youtube, including “Atomic Game Engine - Editor Development Update”.

Thereafter, when I wanted to do anything I wasn’t sure of, I opened an example and examined the components. This I think is a great thing I appreciate about what Josh has done, following on from the Urho3d engine example. I think examples are the best way to learn anything. There are examples for both 2d and 3d, and since I like learn the hows and whys, this is my kinda stuff.

I think that making examples would benefit everyone, since the team can test the engine and present the example for the user to follow. Examples, examples, and more examples.:smiley: