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Error while building in Xcode



I am building the atomic editor from source in Xcode, I am getting this error while building

/bin/sh: Build/Mac/node/node: Permission denied


Though I compile on linux, I can too get that error. It means that you don’t have the permissions to execute Build/Mac/node/node. There is no way to know why this is happening without more information.
That being said, you might be able to chmod that file to get the execute permissions and build again.
Other options include getting the repo again and see if the same thing happens, or you are on a platform that has a binary download.


@pratik Are you using these build instructions? https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Building-Atomic-from-Source#macos


that issue is solved now I am getting linking error while compiling in xcode

Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:
“Atomic::jsb_package_atomic_init(Atomic::JSVM*)”, referenced from:
Atomic::jsapi_init_atomic(Atomic::JSVM*) in libAtomicJS.a(JSAtomic.o)
“Atomic::jsb_package_atomicplayer_init(Atomic::JSVM*)”, referenced from:
AtomicPlayer::jsapi_init_atomicplayer(Atomic::JSVM*) in libAtomicPlayerJS.a(AtomicPlayerJS.o)


This is due to the script bindings not being generated, these instructions should build the editor for you: https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Building-Atomic-from-Source#macos

Otherwise, use the CMake_XCode.sh script in the root of the local repository to generate an Xcode project should work, you do need to build the workspace and not a single target, otherwise the script bindings will not be generated.