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Editor slow, sometimes crashes


The build in editor is not usable. It lags, is very slow and sometimes crashes.
OS in WIn 7, 64 bit.

Build INfo:
Build Information: ‘The Unamable’ - Jan 20 2017 14:15:32
Git: 0eeef4bf3997d19bebc9426b7690b0342b4b9ba1

From the Log:
[0823/024522:ERROR:gles2_cmd_decoder.cc(13126)] Context lost because SwapBuffers failed.
[0823/024522:ERROR:gles2_cmd_decoder.cc(4643)] Error: 5 for Command kPostSubBufferCHROMIUM
[0823/024522:ERROR:gpu_channel_manager.cc(222)] Exiting GPU process because some drivers cannot recover from problems.
[0823/024522:ERROR:gpu_process_transport_factory.cc(761)] Lost UI shared context.

Someone got any idea?


Taken from https://github.com/cefsharp/CefSharp/issues/1634:


Simply workaround is to use the --disable-gpu command line flag

//settings.CefCommandLineArgs.Add(“disable-gpu”, “1”);

How do I do that??

BTW, my machine is a Lenovo X230, INTEL HD 4000, Win7, newest drivers.

Any help?
Thanks in advance