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Did you know Atomic is powered by 🐫?


:camel: :camel: :camel: :camel: :camel:

Own the sauce.



Each hump could also represent a tab in my browser for one of Atomic’s communities :stuck_out_tongue:

In order they are: gitter, forums, Q&A and now discourse :wink:



Those are some snazzy looking :camel:


… a :camel: appears! :smile:


Stocking up for GDC!!! :camel::palm_tree::sunny: :smile:


Alternate GDC 2017 :camel: business cards :slight_smile:


What country this company belongs to ? Product of R.P. - Philippines ?


THUNDERBEAST GAMES is located in the USA, with the Atomic Camel Caravan being a world wide phenomenon :camel::camel::camel::palm_tree::sunny:


What have camels to do with the Atomic Engine.
Stupid thing is that when I first saw it, I got memories of an old Amiga game called Llamatron.
Now that is a game dying for a remake.


My immediate association was Attack of the Mutant Camels!


Ahh Jeff Minter likes LLamas and camels then. Now I prefer Llamas because they haven’t got the hump.