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CSG/BSP-like scene editing (or like ProBuilder in Unity)


Why not Blender? Simple. It’s a 3D modeling app, great one at that. But CSG/BSP-like editing, like in Unreal or Source is far easier and you can put any texture on any face of a level without the need to UV-unwrap it first, which makes things a lot easier because after every, even smallest bit of change in level geometry you’d need to recut the level to make proper seams then uv unwrap these again which kills iteration time.


I’d love to have integrated CSG editing, this is a really big feature for a custom solution, so leveraging existing tooling would be good.

I’m a big fan of TrenchBroom, there’s also Level Buddy, and of course Radiant. The later being by far the most difficult to build.

We can also make it so an external tool is launched for a given resource type (like map files)


I don’t know about that. I think it would be best to make something specific to the Atomic, that is integrated into the editor like tools in Unreal or Source. My rationale is having it that way, even if it would make it longer to develop, would allow for tighter integration with the engine than any external tool ever will be able too, for example having all your textures and materials ready to texture your level with.

I wish I could actually make the thing instead of just talking about it, but I was never good with procedural mesh building.

//edit: Also I think it would be great to allow then make some sort of WAD-like system to go along with it so Atomic users, should they choose it, would be able to easily make moddable games without jumping through the hoops to do that like in other engines.


I would like more flexible map making ability in Atomic, my need is to make fps style maps, appropriate for a couple of players. Having something like a quake brush, or even a cube, that you could texture per side, and change the vertexes, would be a start. And then, get all the controls in the editor to manage these atomic building blocks. And then…
Otherwise, the importers need to work better, assimp->mdl for large objects is dodgy.