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Compile with CLI not the editor?


I prefer to do my coding in Sublime Text and compiling my code with CLI. Is this possible to do with atomic?

In fact I’d rather not use the editor at all.


If you’re coding in JavaScript, you don’t need to compile anything and can just have the project Resource folder open and add/edit JS in sublime

You can run your project with the Atomic Editor binary:

AtomicEditor.exe --player --project "C:\Dev\My Projects\AtomicProject\"


./AtomicEditor.app/Contents/MacOS/AtomicEditor --player --project "/Users/jenge/Dev/MyProjects/AtomicProject/"

There is a guide available for using VSCode and Atom for editing/compiling project TypeScript on the wiki: https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Using-TypeScript-with-External-Editors

This could likely be extended to Sublime Text. There is also an AtomicTool binary which shares the ToolCore functionality with the editor, so it would be easy to hook up deploying with that instead of going in the editor to do so (for command line deployments)