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Commando C++ Plugin (Linux)


This is a vision of how to implement a Just Code™ C++ SDK flavor, all wrapped up in a AtomicEditor plugin. It’s for linux, again, and builds upon the Rogue Atomic Game Engine C++ SDK (Linux) to do development thru deployment of C++ code. Includes example projects! Fun for the whole family, if you have a warped, techie, C++ at all costs, family :hatching_chick:


Read about it - https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/blob/master/CppPlugin/README.md
Download it - https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/blob/master/CppPlugin/CPPPlugin.zip The source code for the plugin (besides the zip file) is also in there.

MIT License for Source code. Would you like to know more?

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