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Cadaver is stepping down from Urho lead dev role


I got some pretty bad news for Atomic users, the lead developer of Urho is stepping down:

What does it mean for Atomic? Do we have the manpower to push it further? Should we panic already? :stuck_out_tongue:


Do we need to panic? Did the games you were writing suddenly stop working?
It would seem that this is more of an opportunity to explore directions that are different than Urho is taking. Manpower? don’t you mean :camel:power? If the community could gain some organizational skills better than my :rooster: s have, it wouldn’t be a problem.


While I may not have used the best possible words, I fail to see the problem there… I could’ve been more precise, stating explicitly that I was referring to the dev team (or lead dev position), but did you really have to put it that way? But whatever… I’m not apologizing or whatever was your intention… btw, first synonymous of ‘abandon’ in my dictionary is ‘leave’, not that I’m justifying anything, and I repeat that the choice of words could’ve been better, but it wasn’t inaccurate by any stretch of imagination. I didn’t say Urho went abandonware or something.