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[C#] Editor opens VS2015 when both VS2017 and VS2015 installed


How to get the editor to open code in VS 2017. When I try, it opens it in 2015 instead. Is there a way to get the editor to change what it uses?


If you have both VS2015 and VS2017 installed, the editor will open VS2015. I think the check can be reversed now that VS2017 has been released. Also, should probably be a preference, here’s the code:


I thought that was because of a generic system query that returned VS2015 by default since all other applications I have here also prefer 2015 over 2017, even Unity. I can’t uninstall the older one because I use stuff that’s not compatible with 2017 yet (heck, I even have VS2010 cause of XNA :P). Any reason not to always default to the newest version?


I too think it should always default to the newer, if you have a newer version of whatever software you always want to use that.


As a rule, I would not want a prerelease, or even initial release of a development tool to be my default. I typically wait for the first service pack similar update. That doesn’t mean I won’t install them to take a look though.


Don’t you trust Microsoft? Their tools are as stable as it gets :trollface: (darn there’s no trollface here :sadface:)


When there’s a potential cost to my productivity, I don’t trust ANYONE.


I would think hard coding the editor into the tool would be a bad idea. Why is it not an option?