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C# Documentation Reminds me of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy


Been a bit busy with work to do much more with the engine the last couple of weeks, but I remember in the Hitchhikers’s Guide to the Galaxy where Arthur Dent picks up the book for the very first time and decides, to look up the Earth, and it said “Mostly Harmless”, which was the revised version, as the original said “Harmless”.
I know how underwhelmed he felt because I decided to look up the C# documention for Atomic and I finally found a section saying c# developers. I was so excited until I read “To be written”.

Now I know how Arthur Dent felt about the destruction of Earth.

C# Developers
Information for working on Atomic in C#
Title Description
C# Code Conventions To Be Written (eg Mostly Harmless)


It does seem like a bunch of dark and windy passages at times. I would think that a reasonable way of getting (more) C# and general documentation would be to submit a somewhat harmless Issue (I checked, there are none for documentation or tutorials). I will do this.