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Building Atomic Editor on 32bit Linux


Hi there,
I’m trying to build Atomic Editor on Xubuntu 15.04 (32bit) and I got error like this:
"libcef.so wrong format"
I guess the reason is that the dynamic library is in 64bit format. Then I try to replace the cef submodule with this one I got from this website (I know your guys are using 3.25 version but I can’t find it):
http://opensource.spotify.com/cefbuilds/index.html#linux32_builds cef_binary_3.2704.1414.g185cd6c_linux32.tar.bz2
After that, I rebuild the Editor, then I failed again.
My questions are:

  1. Is there anyway I can build a 32 bit version of Atomic Editor?
  2. If there is no way for doing this, what I need is the binary called AtomicPlayer. Is there anyway I can build AtomicPlayer ONLY on 32 bit linux? Thanks a lot~

Linux 32 bit support (Player)

There isn’t any plan to support a 32 bit editor on any platform. However, 32 bit players are supported on mobile platforms and you should be able to build a 32 bit player on Linux, by specifying the AtomicPlayer target, which won’t build the editor.


Thanks for answering my question! I have built 32 bit verson of AtomicPlayer successfully in Linux (XUbuntu 15.04 32bit). There are two things now bothering me:

  1. Our development machines are either in 64 bit windows or Mac OSX and we MUST deploy our build into 32bit Linux machine. Since we can’t build the AtomicEditor in 32 bit Linux, we need to build Linux version games from Windows or Mac OSX first and then replace the original AtomicPlayer with the 32 bit one. This sounds stupid isn’t it? Is there any elegant solutions?
  2. I have tried several examples on 32 bit Linux and everything looks fine, except one called “2D Physics Platformer” in which golden coins didn’t disappear after being hit by the main character. I wonder if it is our build’s problem or just a glitch of the game itself? You can download our build from the link below: