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Atomic vs Urho3D


Hi there, I’m experimenting with building an MMO, and I’m considering using Atomic as a client. I originally found Urho3D through Reddit, and then Atomic through Urho. I was mostly impressed by the lightweight nature of Nodes, I’ve used Unity and Unreal before and found scenes with lots of small objects to slow things down considerably, yet Urho3D sample 20 (HugeObjectCount) performs very impressively. This is important to me because my object model is similar to Ultima Online, where players can place structures and leave things on the ground (but in 3D), so per-scene-object overhead is a big consideration. Also, as a client, I’m mostly using whatever-engine-I-choose as a fancy renderer. The client just receives UDP traffic (with my own protocol), animates the models, draws the pictures, and sends input; nothing gameplay-design-related (like physics, scripting support, terrain editor, etc) is very important to me since all design is external and logic is server-side.

Anyway, I’m sorry if this has been asked before, but I searched and couldn’t find it anywhere - exactly what features does Atomic provide over Urho3D? As a programmer I really like Urho’s design, having the editor be a thin GUI wrapper over the engine itself doesn’t require you to think about things in too abstract a way from how they are actually run. Atomic seems to have a far more developed editor, and that actually makes me kind of wary (the bulkier the editor, the more likely it is to have bugs, and the farther you get from dealing with actual engine logic), but at the same time I appreciate the productivity boost and ease-of-use that a good editor can provide. So I guess my question is: for my purposes, can I think of Atomic as Urho-with-Editor? Or are there more significant differences that I’m missing? (C# is one I know, but I’m comfortable doing everything in C++ so that’s not really much of a draw for me)

Thanks for reading my (admittedly verbose) post, and hopefully you’ve got a good answer!


Short answer - go Atomic :camel: There is no ‘vs’ relationship between Urho3D and Atomic, Atomic was forked from Urho3d, so a number of the 3d/node things you are interested in will be the same. Urho3d is current set up a little better for C++ development, which means they have a better makefile. Neither have C++ workflow thru the editors, whereas, Atomic can use the AtomicEditor for TS/JS development, and VS/Xamarin/monodev for C# development.
Consider the Urho/Atomic Editors as the representative example of a large scale program. Try them both and see which you’d like your client to look like.