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Atomic Short List - Features and Issues


What is the Atomic Short List? In short, it is a list of issues/features currently being worked on by Atomic’s developers. See the bottom of this post for more information on adding yourself or your issue to the short list.

The Atomic Short List :dromedary_camel: :star2:



  • Atomic Widget Periodic Table, an example program which shows how to use each element of the UI in JS, C#, C++ user programs.

What is the Atomic Short List?

The short list is a look at what Atomic developers are currently working on. It is also an experiment.

If there is something you want to work on, consider taking or filing a new issue on the Atomic Game Engine or Atomic Examples GitHub tracker, then add yourself by editing this wiki post under the ### The Atomic Short List header above.

If there is something that is driving you nuts with Atomic, and it seems like something pretty easy to fix, let us know in a reply below (bonus if there is a well written Github Issue which corresponds with the issue)

We’ll see how this goes and if it is of any use (or fun). We’ll probably need to invent a rule or two as well…

I also need to get a Roadmap thread spun up (which won’t be a wiki) and a Wish List thread to capture things people wish Atomic did (or didn’t realize it does, which happens pretty frequently these days).


Progress on the shortlist, new UIPlatformWebView for using platform WebView on Android, iOS (and in the future macOS, and Windows). The UIPlatformWebView is included with Atomic core, as it is very lightweight compared to the CEF3 Atomic WebView module.

Here’s a WIP video of multi-tab UIPlatformWebView example on Android:

Android Studio Integration