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Atomic Profiling


Atomic is getting new fancy profiler tool!

We are integrating easy_profiler to AGE. It is still rough on some edges and does not have GPU profiling yet, however it works amazing already! Wanted to profile application running on your mobile phone? Well now you can as profiling data is streamed through network to a profiling application.

Want to help? Try it! Check out my PR branch. To enable profiling in your application just add this line in your Application::Setup()

engineParameters_[EP_PROFILER_LISTEN] = true;


This is really great stuff @rokups! Other great benefits of your easy profiler integration being profiling across frames, threads, and persistent profiling data which can be saved and reloaded, level up! :star2: :camel: :star2:


I am pleased to announce that we’ve landed the easy_profiler branch on master!!! LEVEL UP! :star2:

Profile Atomic C++, C#, JavaScript and TypeScript over frames/threads on mobile/desktop, :heart_eyes: : https://github.com/AtomicGameEng…/AtomicGameEngine/pull/1531

A big cheer for the sure to be famous @rokups :guitar::fire::camel::fire::guitar:, and easy_profiler team for such a great profiling library and client! :slight_smile:


New wiki page https://github.com/AtomicGameEngine/AtomicGameEngine/wiki/Profiling