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Atomic Glow work in progress


I’m currently working on Atomic Glow which is a solution for high quality baked lighting.

Glow automatically generates optimized mesh UV2 at import, lights scenes, and writes packed lightmap atlases. Here’s a work in progress shot, with initial camel simple lighting model :camel:


Looks great!
How does a scene like that handle a new dynamic light, such as point/spot light attached to the player?


It is possible to mix dynamic and baked lighting using light masks. Here’s a shot of baked AO with a dynamic directional sunlight:


Scaling up the Atomic Glow dataset, good progress on structure, mired down in pink precision mode now, still having fun :slight_smile:


Here’s a shot with alpha shadows :slight_smile:


Liking the ambient occlusion and warm subtle indirect lighting in this little room :slight_smile:


Here’s a look at work into area lights which can be used to achieve more natural lighting/shadows. They are basically point clouds constrained either to a mesh or geometric primitive and so provide more samples.

Area light on left, point light on right:


Awesome work @JoshEngebretson! Does Glow support color bleeding? The light is a bit strange, it seems to illuminate quite strongly to the sides, generally the light in Cornell box scenes illuminates mostly downwards.


Yes, Glow has baked GI and color is being picked up by the middle boxes and on the floor/ceiling.

The light direction is not constrained yet, so yes more bounce from the sides, though funny you ask that and not about the blazing light on the top :wink:


Well, it’s the same thing isn’t it? It certainly seems impossible that so little area (if any) on the sides of the emitting surface will emit so much light, so it’s evident in that scene that the light is being emitted from an invisible object slightly below the ‘plane’ which represents the emission surface :stuck_out_tongue: