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Atomic Editor Build 3 - Release Candidate available for testing


Hooray! Atomic Editor Build 3 RC 1 is available for testing :slight_smile:

Please report any issues encountered to this thread, once tested, we’ll replace the editor Build 2 binaries with Build 3 on the site.


Windows (64 bit)




###Update Highlights

  • Profiling - Added Object memory metrics profiling subsystem

  • C# - CSComponent inspector support for dynamic/fixed size array members

  • Player - Player subsystem Scene handling improvements

  • Wiki - Many additions and improvements to the Atomic Wiki!

  • Script - Exposed VariantVector, Frustum, PackageFile, and UI::CycleDebugHudMode to script

  • Script - Improvements to ScriptVector and ScriptVariant

  • TypeScript - Updated to use generated native enum values

  • TypeScript - Constants converted to enums where possible

  • Platform - Added additional SDL key mappings

  • Editor - Project load/save now remembers the last folder used

  • Editor - Updated Welcome screen and help menu with new Atomic Support forums

  • Linux - Fixed issue with Pulse audio CPU usage and possible black screen

  • C# - Fixed issue with custom C# script events

  • C# - Fixed issue with reparenting C# nodes and component updates

  • Editor - Fixed issue with multiple selected resource tabs

  • Editor - Improved contrast on example language toggle button states

  • ToolCore - Fixed issues with JSONFile::GetRoot in assets

  • Deployment - Removed some UI psd assets that were in deployments

NullReferenceException on SendEvent
Atomic Build 3 moved to Thursday, January 19th