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Android Studio Integration


Android Studio Integration Poll

  • Yes, our team would benefit from Android Studio integration
  • No, our team would not benefit from using Android Studio
  • No, our project does not target the Android platform

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In working on the new UIPlatformWebView feature for Android, I am reminded how much Android Studio integration would improve working on the Android platform.

It would also be joyous to offer Android Studio users a quick spin up on Atomic projects, much like the current C++, C#, JavaScript/TypeScript IDE support we have for Visual Studio, VSCode. Atom. XCode, QtCreator, etc.

Android Studio support is really a roadmap item, though the Wish List is a good place for it now. There needs to be some R&D on the best approach, whether something like Atomic’s C# project generator for Visual Studio, or perhaps an Android Studio template project. Another consideration is project sync, which is valuable both from Atomic “Just Code” and the Atomic Editor workflow.

Android Studio is Google’s standard IDE and also has GPU profiling built in (which is useful in general, as placed into evidence by the Epic Citadel screenshot from the Android Studio announcement blog)

Problem With Android Build

I am glad when I am not forced to use Android Studio (AS). The gradle build takes eons to complete, and AS has been a headache for me in recent times.
Maybe my system has some out-of-place files, I don’t know, but AS gradle proves to be a pain.
Please never force me to have to use it, with your engine. Please. I’ll surely :scream: