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Adventure Suite Game


You are a dwarf on an adventure. And you need to find some treasure chests with the gold in them. But watch out for the chests full of “fools gold”, they can be tricky. This game has 4 levels to explore in the suite.

But what’s a dwarf like you doing in a low-poly scene like this? Well, that’s the sekrit … This game uses a non-patent pending technology, called TMX2SCENE, which takes a map made with Tiled, that puts icons where you want your things to be, then, with the also non-patent pending Plat.js module (in the source code) it magically transforms the map description into a the Atomic Scene object, and you are off and running, or walking, as the case may be. It’s not a new idea (I learned from TwinFalls), but its still something and is scalable. Works with current state-of-the-art Atomic Game Engine. Just Lock and load.

The source code is at https://github.com/JimMarlowe/GameFarm/blob/master/AdventureSuite/advsuite.zip Just unzip and load advsuite.atomic and run in the AtomicEditor, and you can deploy to your favorite platform, works on desktop and mobile.

MIT License for Source code. Assets are CC0 licensed. Would you like to know more?

Using Atomic UI

That’s very cool. I had recently been thinking of using Tiled to mock up a level as well. Each tile type would be associated with a named prefab that the engine would know to load at that particular position. It looks like that’s the approach you took here and I may need to dig in and look at how you accomplished it.

I had been coming at it from a different direction by focusing first on being able to define named entity types with simple JSON structures that allow you to define which components and what those component properties are on the entity. These are then piped through some logic that I built that would generate prefabs for you. The next logical step for me was to assemble these into a level with Tiled. As an exercise, I may take a look at this awesomeness that you’ve put together here and see what it would look like combined with the entity blueprint system I’ve been working on. Do you have a forkable version of this? Or is it just the zip?

BTW, I’m loving the examples you’ve been showcasing. :smiley:


I’m distributing as a zip file because it’s one thing to download and you dont need git or any other products (besides zip) or special setups to just run the darn thing!
My goal for the TMX2SCENE process was to use as much existing tech as possible, which would be prefabs, I did add a json “parts” file to post process the prefabs, to fix scaling, offsets and can do some randomizing, if wanted.


That’s really clever with the TMX2SCENE stuff, the levels are massive! :thumbsup:

I made it to adventure 4, though have to admit I coded up some Dwarven Boots of Running +3 :wink:

BTW, think I found an easter egg!