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Adding 2D Sprites and Levels from Tiled



Hi everybody, I am very new to the Atomic Game Engine. I just have a question how do you get stuff from say Tiled to Atomic?

I do hope that there will be tutorials with the Engine coming soon and videos as well.


The Atomic Game Engine has full tmx file support. For an example of using a Tiled map in an example, Try the Javascript 2D Physics Platformer example.


Can you do it using C# and Tiled?


Yes, the classes below are available for C# (from http://docs.atomicgameengine.com/csharp/AtomicEngine/ ) and the usage will be the same as the JavaScript functions.



Thank you for your help. Hopefully if I can make a 2D game, I could start doing tutorials for people and teach them because the wiki isn’t good at all.


I manually placed a tmx map and bitmap in my scenes directory, made a node and put it in, and it sorta works. I can’t see the map in editor, but when I play it, I can see it.

This is what I did, in the editor, create a new 2d C# project.
unzip tmxstuff, and place the 3 files into the Scenes directory of the new project (overwrite the Scene.scene file). This will skip the step where you drag in the tmx map into the project.
Then you should be able to play the project and see the map.
And you can disable (or remove) the current tmx map node, and try your map again and see if you get the same results.

tmxstuff.zip (106.7 KB)


I did get that error message. I moved the png for the tmxmap into the Sprites directory, and the error popped up. So one must have the images for the map in the same place as the tmx file. I also found out that I can see the map in the editor, it was behind the editor camera.